The HandeeHook is a great tool for pulling bags, luggage, and many other items from hard to reach areas. The HandeeHook is the perfect Fifth Wheel Puller Hook. 

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The HandeeHook Luggage and Bag Puller Tool

Are you tired of crawling in the hold to retrieve small bags? The Handee Hook is perfect for bags and luggage that are hard to reach in the back. Designed to be used with two hands the Handee Hook is perfect for heavy bags also. Designed for a more even pull and better control. Order a Handee Hook luggage and bag puller today and save your back!

The Handehook is the perfect luggage and bag puller tool at the airport. Easily extend your reach and pull those hard to get to bags and luggage. Order the Handeehook bag puller hook today!


Need a custom built hook?

We can build them any length to suite your application, email for pricing.

HandeeHook uses!

  • Great for pulling bags at airports.
  • The Handeehook is perfect for pulling bags and luggage from under buses.
  • Great for pulling hard to reach shipping boxes.
  • Pull luggage and Bag from under Trains.

Benefits of the HandeeHook

Saves time and money!

Improves reach and reduces accidents.

Sue Simpson

I could not be happier with the HandeeHook! It really has helped my back and now i don’t have to crawl under the bus anymore! Thanks Handee!

Bobby W

The Handeehook rocks, it makes pulling luggage and bags from under the bus a breeze!


The Handee Hook Is now Stainless steel!

Order the HandeeHook Today!

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